Tessloff Publishing

Bookii audio pen

The Bookii audio pen is designed for children from ages 4 and up. The pen is used together with specially published books by Tessloff, and each book has different themes.

By taping the tip of the pen on symbols or pictures in the Bookii books, kids can play games, hear the images in the book talk and learn interesting facts related to the theme of the book. They can record their own texts, songs or comments, and save them on the pen and play them back at any time. Kids can watch videos and links on a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with the Bookii app.

The main focus of the design of the audio pen has been to make it simple to use and yet playful to look at. It also required a close collaboration with the Chinese manufacture to ensure a simple construction and ease of manufacturing.

The Bookii audio pen offers many uses for different ages, it promotes language development and cognitive abilities of children. The audio pen is also suitable for use in kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions.