Novo Nordisk


Launched in 1989, NovoLet® was the world's first pre-filled disposable insulin injection system. Until then, all insulin was injected using either a vial and syringe or a insulin pen with replaceable insulin cartridges.

NovoLet® was designed for people wanting or needing a simple insulin injection system.The NovoLet® was given a face lift in 1999, maintaining it's simplicity.

Production year
Today more than one million people have used more than 250 million NovoLet® pre-filled pens.
1994  Japanese G prize
1993  First prize in Form Finlandia "The worlds best plastic product"
1990  Danish ID prize
NovoLet® 1.5 ml + 3 ml. First generation
NovoLet® 3 ml ReDesign, 1999. Second generation