Novo Nordisk

NovoPen® 4

Insulin injection system with replaceable insulin cartridges.

Steve McGugan Industrial Design was again chosen to help Novo Nordisk in developing the next generation of re-usable insulin pens. The design requirements where to improve the already successful NovoPen® 3, the flagship product of the Novo Nordisk insulin delivery device line. In 2005 Novo Nordisk launched the next generation of NovoPen®.  With a 3 times larger dose scale and a more compact and minimalistic design, this makes the new NovoPen® 4  the most compact insulin pen in the world. NovoPen® 4 comes in 2 different colors which allows the user to have a different color NovoPen® for each type of insulin they use.

The design was made in close collaboration with the engineers and graphic designers at Novo Nordisk & Designit.

2007  German Red Dot product design award
2005  Good Design award, Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design
Production year