Novo Nordisk

NordiFlex PenMate™

The NordiFlex PenMate™ was designed to help children, as well as adults, that have needle phobia when using an injection device.

My design goal was to create a PenMate™ that was as compact and user friendly as possible, as well as creating a solution that would give the user the possibility to introduce their own design element into the device, making it a more personal product. The cap is designed to first and foremost protect the growth hormone from light. The cap has a second design feature which is an outer transparent cover that can be snapped off. The user can print out any photo or graphic pattern they desire from a normal printer. The print is then cut to the right size and inserted into the transparent cover.

The cover with print is then snapped together with the inner cap and the user has personalized their NordiFlex PenMate™.

The device is used together with the disposable NordiFlex growth hormone pen and helps to hide and insert the needle quickly and painlessly during an injection.