B&O PLAY, Pepsi and 3 street artists.

Another event that brought more attention to the Form 2i headphones this year (2014) was a collaboration between B&O PLAY and Pepsi to create the LIVE FOR NOW limited edition series. Together with 3 of the hottest street artist in the world, B&O let them decorate the Form 2i headphones with their unique style of street art combining the sport of football, the inspiration of art and the creatively of fashion.


Today the Form 2 headphones have been on the market for over 30 years and are the longest living headphones in the world.

Bang & Olufsen's Form 2 headphone lives on!

This year (2014) Bang & Olufsen updated the Form 2 headphones once again with an in-line microphone and 3 button remote so that they can be used together with any smart phone or tablet PC. Plus new colors were introduced this year. The headphones also received a new name “Form 2i”, referring to the upgrade making them “interactive”.


Today the Form 2 headphones have been on the market for over 30 years and are the longest living headphones in the world.

Bang & Olufsen celebrates 25th anniversary of Form 2 Headphones.

This year (2011) Bang & Olufsen has introduced the Form 2 headphones in 4 new striking colors to celebrate it's 25th anniversary.

As everynone knows the world of electonics is constantly changing with new technology and trends, and for a simple set of headphones to have lasted so long on the market must be a first.

My many thanks to Bang & Olufsen and to all the consumers that have made the product a timeless icon.

Visit Bang & Olufsen's website to see the new colors www.bang-olufsen.com or click on Form 2 to get the whole story behind the product.

ABL90 Flex receives several design prizes.

Since the launch of ABL90 Flex it has received 3 prestigious design awards.

In 2010 it received 2 design awards, the American Medical Design Excellence Award and the Japanese G prize.

In 2011 it received the German Red Dot product design award.

Congratulations to the whole team for making this product a big success!

Brüel & Kjær Hand-held sound Analyzer Type 2260 goes to space.

In 1992-93 I designed the next generation of sound level meters for Brüel & Kjær A/S. The product range consisted of SLM 2238 and SLM 2260 which both have been a big success for the company and have been on the market for almost 17 years. SLM 2238 is still on the market today.
Recently NASA chose Brüel & Kjær's SLM Type 2260 to check the sound levels on the International Space Station.

Expedition Three Mission Commander Frank L. Culbertson holds the Sound Level Meter (SLM) in the U.S. Laboratory/Destiny. The SLM is part of the Acoustic Countermeasures Kit (ACK). Image courtesy of NASA