ABL90 Flex


Designed specifically for point-of-care testing, the new ABL90 FLEXanalyzer represents state-of-the-art technology giving healthcare professionals more time for patient care by providing the fastest bloodgas results available on the market today. It only takes 35 seconds to perform a test and measures 17 parameters using just 65 micro liters of blood from the patient (approx. 2 to 3 drops of blood).This makes it the world's fastest blood gas analyzer with the world's smallest blood sample volume.

The main design goal for this new generation analyzer has been to create a design language that gives the product personality as well as simplicity. A simple layout of the input areas on the analyzer ensures good ergonomics in the daily use of the product. The compact size and built-in handle enables the products to be easily transported and used within different departments in a hospital for point-of-care testing.

2011  German Red Dot product design award
2010  Japanese G Prize
2010  American Medical Design Excellence award 


Radiometers NPT 7 is a compact blood gas analyser for Near Patient Treatment.
It uses a disposable inlet cartridge which is easy to replace and the machines requires no maintenance or liquid quality control routines.

Tina TCM 4 Series

Radiometers TCM 4 series measures the oxygen (tcpO) content of tissue through  sensors placed on the skin.
It can simultaneously receive information from up to   six different sensors placed on the patient.

This product can be used in the treatment of wounds that are slow to heal.

2002  Danish Design prize

SafePICO Mixer


Radiometers safePICO Mixer works together with the safePICO sampler. The unique sampler is equipped with a integrated metal ball which becomes active when the sampler is placed onto the mixer. The active metal ball mixes the blood sample inside the syringe.

This ensures correct and fast mixing of the blood sample prior to analysis using a blood gas analyzer. 

ABL80 Flex


Radiometers ABL80 FLEX series consists of 3 different models with different diagnostic capabilities for analyzing blood gasses.

The series consists of:
ABL80 FLEX Basic version

The compact size and built-in handle enables the products to be easily transported and used within different departments in a hospital for point-of-care testing.


Radiometers ABL 800 FLEX blood gas analyser can measure 15
different blood gas parameters from just 95µL (micro-liter) of blood
which is approximately 2 to 3 drops of blood.
It is also the easiest analyser to operate and maintain.

In 2001 Radiometer received the Danish Design Prize for the
innovative AutoCheck system which is a fully automated module
integrated into the product to improve quality control procedures
of the machine.